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Care for a sneak peek inside some of my children’s books?  You’ve come to the right place!

Cloudy City

In this Gelett Burgess Award winning book (2013) and Gold level Mom’s Choice Award winning book (2013), A boy is saddened by the passing of his grandfather.  He never expected to feel such comfort and peace from a day outside under that tree.  Wonders await the reader of this book.
BeegrandfatherBeautifully illustrated by Georgia Stylou, Cloud City, A Child’s Journey Through Bereavement will warm your heart!




“I just finished reading Cloud City by my daughter, Heather Spergel.  It was extremely emotional to read this book because the beloved grandfather of the boy in the story was my dear husband. I was filled with joy at the concept of Cloud City as a bereavement idea for children. So often death and dying are words parents hesitate or avoid talking about.  However, the author of Cloud City approaches this delicate topic in a realistic yet magical way to help children deal with a loved one who has passed.. This book is a must read and I strongly urge parents to buy it and read it with their children.  I give it 5 plus stars!!”  Carol Shulman
A portion of my proceeds from this support Brain Tumor Research!    


burgess_award_webMCA_Gold_Label_2in_72dpi_Web copy


Interior Gluten-Free book   MCA_Silver_Label_2in_72dpi_Web copy
Free To Be… Gluten-Free!  Mom’s Choice Award Winner for 2013!
Find a few helpful recipes inside this family book as well as gluten-free tips!  Eating gluten-free doesn’t have to be boring!   Find giggles in the story as the boy discovers that gluten is making him feel ill, but he can eat new foods and feel GREAT again!

cupcake foggy family

gluten web with award


Enjoy the story!  Whether Non-Celiac Gluten-intolerant or Celiac, or looking to help your class understand about gluten, this book is a must-have grab!


Gabi Babaroni On Broadway!  Her debut book hit the market officially October 5, 2013!
Gabi prepares for her debut

Gabi prepares for her debut


Have you ever wondered what performers do backstage to prepare for each show?


Gabi warms up for her big show! "Me me me! La la la la!"

Gabi warms up for her big show! “Me me me! La la la la!”







Gabi warms up and prepares to take the world by storm!  From wigs and makeup to being her own cheerleader, Gabi inspires girls and boys to be their best and enjoy the spotlight!
…but what happens if she makes a mistake on stage?  No fears, Gabi has a solution to keep the show going!  After all, the show must go on!
(Next year, find Gabi in another adventure, sure to delight our little performers!
Take your bow, Gabi!  GREAT PERFORMANCE!

Take your bow, Gabi! GREAT PERFORMANCE!

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