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Thank you for checking out what’s happening these days!  Here are some upcoming events, reviews, plus magazine and newspaper articles.
Winner of The Prestigious Mom’s Choice Award (Silver Level) for 2013 for Free to be … Gluten-Free!  So over the top excited about this!  
Winner of The Gelett Burgess Award 2013 for Cloud City A Child’s Journey Through Bereavement- TEARS of Joy!  Also GOLD LEVEL winner of Mom’s Choice Awards 2013 for Cloud CIty a Child’s Journey Through Bereavment!!  

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Illustrator Brian Perla with Author Heather Spergel
Fabulous events at The Fine Grind in LittleFalls and Barnes & Noble- June 2013!  We had a great time!
gabi book store
Holistic Mom’s Meeting with my talk, “Raising Gluten-Free Kids in a Gluten-filled World” went fabulously!  Want me to talk with your group about this topic?  Contact me!
September 7 & 8!

September 7 & 8!

Gluten and Allergen Free Expo September 7 & 8th!  I had a blast meeting new people and selling/signing Books!  So much fun!
I'm with Miss New Jersey! Her platform is all about raising awareness about Celiac Disease!

I’m with Miss New Jersey! Her platform is all about raising awareness about Celiac Disease!

Here I am with Elena Torsiello- she has a terrific book for children with Celiac Disease!

Here I am with Elena Torsiello- she has a terrific book for children with Celiac Disease!

How adorable is this new fan?! Happy cooking to my friend!

How adorable is this new fan?! Happy cooking to my friend!


November 7, 2013 at the Fairfield Library for Pajama Story-time rocked!!!  Loved it!!!   1424534_613658572031956_176600704_n1450808_613710252026788_1776025540_n

What People Are Saying…

“I love Heather’s writing.  She has a flowing style and doesn’t write ordinary children’s books.  She writes extraordinary books- often with a great purpose behind them!”


Book Reading at Pajama Party (LLL Garden State Conference 2013)

Book Reading at Pajama Party (LLL Garden State Conference 2013)

NiNi Spergelini Guitar-ific!  
NiNi Spergelini Guitar-ific!
~The kids love it! This isn’t one of those kids books that has ten words per page, it’s an actual story. NiNi is a little boy who dreams of getting a guitar & becoming a rock star.The story takes you on a magical adventure from the music store, then up into the colorful clouds & landing backstage at his own concert! NiNI’s base guitarist is his faithful cat Picaboo, who else? Every time I finish reading, the kids say “Again!” This book is an adorable story packed w/ imagination & a lot of heart. For all those budding rock stars! Sandee H. @motherhoodisbeautiful.com


~”On a personal note, my 4 year old has a great affinity for Heather’s NiNi Spergelini, Guitar-ific! From the moment NiNi goes into his magical world where he gets to rock out for a stadium of fans with his shiny yellow guitar, my son’s big green eyes grow wide with wonder, rooting for NiNi to make his daydream come true. It’s now one of his personal favorites in the night night story rotation. A.N. nextlifeventures.com/mama-making-it-happen-published-childrens-author-heather-spergel”


~So much going on with the Olive Tree lately! Between our students who performed recently with the New Sussex Symphony, to another student who so far has made it through the first round of auditions for the X-Factor, to the spring concert coming up shortly! But here’s on of my favorites: A children’s book author just published a book about her little boy and his love for guitar. The book was written about the author’s son, who takes his guitar lessons from us! It’s a lot of fun, and we’d love for you to pick it up and read it with your kid while you are in our waiting room in Morris Plains (and read the sweet note of appreciation on the inside cover), or better yet get your own copy!  Olive Tree Music Academy


~I have to say that every special book by Heather Spergel is a gift to the world. Especially Nini Spergelini Guitar-ific! This delightful rocking children’s story is created for kids of all ages and is chalked full of wonderful unique illustrations. It’s a limitless adventure showing a talented boy following his dreams through his determined imagination and beyond. Truly a one of a kind book that I know you and your family are sure to treasure for years to come!  Author Hevine Schmidt (Author of “Angels Come in All Shapes and Sizes” for “Synchronized Chaos” released June 1, 2013.


Barnes & Noble
~Our successful “Meet the Author” event on January 27th, 2013 for local children’s author Heather Spergel was rewarded with clusters of smiles from the children and some certain positive feedback from our customers. Her first ever reading of her NiNi Spergelini series book Guitar-ific! She read several times to satisfy multiple patrons and kept both the children and adults fancying for more. Her passion and inspiration for her already popular title seemingly came through with every word she spoke. We are delighted her book almost sold out of the quantities on hand. We are looking forward to bringing her back in the spring of 2013 for another successful event and can’t wait for all her books to be published. We wish much success.  (Livingston Barnes & Noble- Assistant Store Manager, Athena Mousadakos)


My kids love to pretend to be rock stars, and this book captures that desire to attain rock stardom. In this children’s picture book, Nini Spergelini walks by a music store window and sees a bright yellow guitar with sunglasses staring back. Upon seeing the guitar, Nini immediately dreams of becoming a rock star. Later on in school, Nini continues to let that yellow guitar wearing sunglasses encompass his every thought. Once school is out, Nini finds out that his dad has something for him. Could it be what he’s been dreaming about all day?
~Kids will identify with Nini’s enthusiasm and exciting dreams. My age recommendation is 5 to 9.  Review by OneGoodDad


Dreams do come true– 5 star review by Author, Michael Heath
Who hasn’t played air guitar? We all have! All manifestation begins with a thought, then a dream. This allegorical tale teaches kids that their fantasies can become their reality; that pretending can be more than just fun. I highly recommend this book.
Perfect for Budding Musicians & Music Lovers! 5 star review By Nick H
My kids (ages 3 & 5) absolutely love Nini! It has become one of our bedtime staples, and it often comes out at different intervals of the day. The story is super fun & chock full of imagination and heart & the illustrations are colorful and inviting. My kids love it, I think yours will too!
"I just LOVE all your books!"

“I just LOVE all your books!”


Kids of All Ages Love the Gluten Monster

Kids of All Ages Love the Gluten Monster

Free To Be… Gluten-Free!
~”Free to Be… Gluten-Free!” I have to let you know my son has read the book free to be gluten free every day since we got it. His sister can’t even believe it then she gets drawn in to. It’s especially hard to keep our eyes off that gluten monster ! Thank you and your beautiful family for sharing your energy with us.  I can’t thank you enough for sharing your journey. It’s made a huge difference for Krishna. He is more adventurous in eating than he has ever been in a long time ! We enjoyed the lemon seed loaf today! (Gertrude, Mom from NJ).


~This book is a necessity for all fatigued parents. It walks you in a step by step fashion, both mentally and logistically, through the labyrinth of how to have a happy and healthy child. Dr. Philip Memoli


~Fabulous book! I will be sure to recommend it to all of my friends. Great illustrations. I like the fact that you added some recipes. Linda Rossini, RDH


~I received a preview copy of Heather Spergel’s book “Free to be…Gluten Free!” due out in June! My son and I loved this book! Please see my review below. I encourage you to get your hands on a copy when it’s released!


“Free to be…Gluten Free” by Heather Spergel is a long awaited and much needed addition to anyone’s library that has a child struggling with gluten sensitivity issues. This book is a story of a little boy who struggles with unexplained health, energy, and behavior issues, and with his parents’ and an open-minded doctor’s help, identifies gluten as a possible culprit. The book walks the reader through his health/behavior struggles, through the identification of gluten as a suspect, his fears and anxiety of the change in diet, as well as, how he feels after removing it.
It is difficult for children to understand exactly what gluten is; however, this creative author depicts it as a little mischievous monster (the “Gluten Monster”) giving children the ability to better connect their symptoms to gluten intolerance. This book is written from a young boy’s point of view…using his language, his descriptions, his imagination, his feelings…all VERY relatable to every child who is also struggling with these issues and fears but also struggling to put it into words for parents, teachers, etc to understand.
I encourage all readers (including teachers) who have a child or know of a child who struggles with gluten sensitivities to read this book. I would also encourage parents to sit down and examine this book along with your child. My eight year old son has a gluten intolerance. His symptoms have included behavior, fatigue, irritability, constipation, stomach upset, bronchial issues, asthma, sinus issues, etc. While reading the book, he would point out sections in the book and say, “That’s just like me, mom!” He was so excited to see how he was feeling described in a way that he could relate to and point out to others. He was even more excited to find recipes hiding for him in the back of the book. Too bad we read the book at bedtime as he wanted to go straight to the kitchen and get started!!
Many children are fighting a secret battle with their own little “Gluten Monster”…and many parents are left scratching their head not knowing that the monster even exists in their child’s world. This little menace can cause numerous issues including tummy, sinus, bronchial, behavior, skin, fatigue, irritability, mouth sores, and more. Books such as “Free to be…Gluten Free” by Heather Spergel is a great way to help get the message spread to be on the lookout for the “Gluten Monster”.  ~ Lindsay Kuntz – My Picky Gluten Free Kid,www.mypickyglutenfreekid.blog.com


~ There is a thick smooth feel to the outside of the book. Shiny! Appears rich by children’s book book standards.
All the pages have an excellent silky feel, not too thick or thin.  The pages flow with the art work. One page flows to the next for one big picture feel as you are reading it. When you have the book open and are reading the story it is a huge picture of the activity that the little boy and his family are doing.
If my little sister would have read this book as a girl seeing that wormy looking gluten monster would have kept her from ever eating gluten.
The book is well thought out and has some very good information to both the parents and children. The recipes look awesome but seem to require a little work
and definitely need
parental involvement. However we all know that if you don’t have to work for it, it probably isn’t going to be that tasty. I will definitely have to try one myself when I blog about the book!   -Brandy Wendler- Mrs. Northwestern- Celiac Disease and Gluten Intolerance Advocate


5.0 out of 5 stars Great Book, May 28, 2013  By Helpless in NY “sicklady” (New York)
My Daughter is 13 and very much your typical pre teen. We seem to bump heads about gluten free eating and ultimately when she doesn’t follow her diet, she pays a high price. I didn’t think she would have interest in the book but thought I would give it a shot and what do you know, she loved it and read the entire thing…Great recipes towards the end of the book. Its nice to get a child’s point of view on how h felt about having to go gluten free and My Daughter was drawn to that part. A book full of nice details and written well. You won’t be disappointed.


Gluten-free discussion at The Fine Grind- June 2013

Gluten-free discussion at The Fine Grind- June 2013

Phenomenal Gluten-Free Survival Guide Book for Children- by Dr. Gerard Mullin  5 stars!
~If you have a child with Celiac disease or gluten sensitivity or intolerance this delightful book is a must read!! The use of illustrations and stories(i.e gluten monster) really connects with youngsters. The messaging and information are great for children. This book hits a home-run for helping young children understand the importance of avoiding gluten. Given the paucity of gluten-free survival books that are written for youngsters-this book is a rare gem.


Here’s another masterpiece by Heather Spergel and the incredible Illustrator Anita Martino takes my breath away! “Free to be Gluten Free,” shares family values, healthy eating habits and cherished knowledge through beautiful storytelling and delectable recipes! Author, Hevine Schmidt.


Dr. Loren Marks-

 Dr. Loren Marks puts his stamp of approval on the book!


How Many Feet in the bed?   howmanyfeetinbedphoto-14 copy 5

~5.0 out of 5 stars.  Wonderful, Fun Bedtime Story!, August 18, 2012  My girls (and I) absolutely love this book! The story is wonderful and the illustrations are beautiful. The book conveys that all sorts of family sleeping arrangements are ok. Our girls sleep with us from time to time, and get a kick out of how crowded the bed in the book gets! They also love to count the feet in the bed. This is one they request often.
 ~5.0 out of 5 stars.  So Tenderly Sweet, July 25, 2012.  By J.C.  This book was so sweetly written. My two little ones LOVED it and now when we are all in bed together we count how many feet we all have (and then take some away). It has created a whole new game! Heather Spergel has allowed the craziness of bed time come to life! The illustrations are beautiful as well!  A great gift item for a Mom and her kids!
 ~5.0 out of 5 stars.  The future of bedtime stories, July 11, 2012.  By L.G.  A totally new kind of bedtime story! This book is a touching recount of a family’s bedtime craziness, filled with lots of love and lots of feet 🙂 The pictures are adorable. Must read at bed time!!
 ~5.0 out of 5 stars.  By S.S.  I enjoyed reading this lovely book to my child. It is an interesting topic that touched me with a warm, fuzzy feeling, remembering when my child cuddled and slept with her father and me. The book is well written and illustrated nicely too.


Articles and Blog Mentions


Healing Birth: The Second Time Around

by Heather Spergel
How do you heal from a traumatic birth experience? How do you put it behind you and find the inner strength not only to move on, but to decide to do it all again? Could I, and should I, risk another traumatic birth? I asked myself these questions so many times. After watching the moms at the mall with their new babies and toddlers running around, mommyhood the second time around seemed like the most wonderful next step to take in my life. I pushed my memories of my son’s difficult posterior birth to the back of my mind and decided it was time…Read More…

Mama Making It Happen: Published Children’s Author Heather Spergel

NextLifeMama of two makin’ it happen, Heather Spergel has released a series of beautifully written and illustrated children’s books inspired by her experiences in performing arts as a child and her own child’s vivid imagination, as well as other life experiences. I spoke with Heather (NLV’s very first Mamas Making it Happen spotlight!) to find out how she came to release these books inside of her, how she manages it all, getting over fear and, very importantly, how she keeps her passion and purpose alive!…Read More…


Hopping Off the Gluten Train By Heather Spergel

Hopping Off The Gluten Train Article <—- click here.  Heather’s Pathways Recipes <—– click here.  I’ll admit it: I’m the type of mom who often scowls inside disapprovingly at doughnuts in preschools, elementary schools and birthday parties. I know it is judgmental of me, and I’m working on being more accepting. The schools in my area allow doughnuts because the first ingredient isn’t sugar. Still, this makes no sense to me. …Read more…



Brain Tumor Awareness Month May 2013

Brain Tumor Awareness Month May 2013

Grieving Author Finds Healing in Writing Book About Bereavement <—- Click here!  Here’s my article from May 2013 for Brain Tumor Awareness Month!   I still shed many tears reading my words!
Here’s feedback about my article!
Mrs. Spergel,  What a beautiful article-it’s a tribute to both your Dad and your family! I remember your Dad from my early days at Hillside! He was  so kind to me as a very new teacher –he always seemed to have a smile on his face! I am very proud to have his grandson here at Harrison!
I am sure your words will also offer comfort to others who are facing similar struggles.  You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.  Thank you for sharing this beautiful tribute.
Cindy Healy (Principle of Harrison Elementary School, Livingston, NJ)


preschool books tryPreschoolbooks.com interviewed me.  So honored!

<—— click here to read!

“Welcome to our very first author spotlight! We had the pleasure of interviewing Heather Spergel, a new and exciting children’s book author with one book published and four more to be released in 2013!…”


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