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HeatherThis Mom’s Choice Award (2 times!) and Gelett Burgess Award winning author and speaker was born and raised in NJ and spent her younger years performing on Broadway, in television commercials, and playing the flute in regional bands.  With an M.S. in Community Counseling and as a National Certified Counselor, Heather worked in the mental health field for a number of years before joining the family business in property management.  Now a gluten-free, attachment parenting, creative, and busy mom of two children, Heather finds inspiration from both her youth and also from her children.  She created the Gabi Babaroni series about a spunky girl performing on stage and screen—closely mirroring her earlier experiences and also a fantasy adventure series, NiNi Spergelini about a boy, his sidekick cat Picaboo, and magical guitar.  Her holistic line of books began with “How Many Feet in the Bed?” The pitter-patter of little feet keep the reader smiling as a family cuddles to sleep in the family bed.  Heather also writes about a persnickety and persistent gluten monster pestering a young child as he discovers the road to becoming gluten-free in her 2013 award winning book from the Mom’s Choice Awards, “Free To Be… Gluten-Free!”  Also the author of “Cloud City, A Child’s Journey Through Bereavement (Gelett Burgess Award Winning book 2013) and (Mom’s Choice Awards Gold Award recipient), Heather provides tools to help our little ones cope with an emotionally charged issue of grief and loss.  This Pathways to Family Wellness Magazine published author, continues to write and inspire those in the holistic and mainstream communities with her gluten-free explorations, parenting humor, and creative ideas.  She dares you to jump onto her creative train and feel the wind!

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