Paleo By Season- By Peter Servold- Book Review!!

What a beautiful book I got to review today! paleo by season coverPaleo By Season by Peter Servold, Photography by Sarah Servold was my next book to check out from the Paleo world.  This is a “technique-based cookbook.”  What the heck is that you say?  Geez, don’t kill the messenger, but this book will instruct you on how to cook for each season, depending on where you live.  You can eat Paleo AND farm to table, with the help of this book.
I’ll confess.  I’ve NEVER cooked ribs from scratch.  I’ve eaten plenty since marrying my husband.  (His mom makes some rockin’ amazing ribs).  I saw the recipe for “Oven-Braised Ribs” and decided THAT would be my recipe to tackle.  This recipe proved that even an amateur chef (aka “Mommy Cook”) can make a delicious Paleo recipe.  prepI put it together in about 5 minutes and cooked it for 5 hours.  It was almost a fix-it-and-forget-it type meal.  Can I argue with that??? I doubt you will either if you have children!
Here is my version, before covering with foil and cooking.  We have a home office and all the patients coming in today wanted to join us for dinner.  Huge complement.
So drumroll please…. my first rib experience….
fight me for it
FIGHT ME FOR A BITE. You will lose.  My son will knock you over and my husband will trip you because they LOVED dinner.
OOOOHAs  an added note, the finished product sat in the oven on warm for an hour while my husband finished seeing patients.  I received a text upstairs as I put my daughter to sleep.  All it said was, “Mmmmmmmmm!”  Success!!!!!!!!
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