The Paleo Kitchen: Finding Primal Joy in Modern Cooking by Juli Bauer & George Bryant- BOOK REVIEW!

The Paleo Kitchen:  Finding Primal Joy in Modern Cooking by Juli Bauer & George Bryant swept into my doorway.

Cover of The Paleo Kitchen

I couldn’t be happier to have this book.  What better person to send this book to?  Why do I say this?  I’m a gluten-free mom of two kids that are gluten and corn free and mostly dairy free.  I’ve been on the fence about switching to Paleo…. and the books have been rolling in- all Paleo.  THIS ONE HAS ME OVER the FENCE to the other side… the PALEO side.  So I say this to you…. the GRASS IS GREENER on the other side of the fence if the Paleo lifestyle is there.  (Especially if you have this book).
George storyJuli BIoI’m the type that needs to KNOW my author.  WHO wrote this and why.  I always read the bios first in a book I’m reviewing.  Yes, I leaf through and look at the pretty pictures (and this book has plenty).  However, I MUST know WHY you are on this journey.  I was touched by both Juli and George’s stories.  Show me someone who has gone through a bit of hell in their lives and I’ll point the finger at them as strong, amazing, and worth reading about.   You have to read the book to see what they say.  I admit, I felt inspired and touched.
Here’s Juli’s blog by the way.  How did I never see this blog before?  Time to get my head out of the sand.  Her blog is amazing!  CLICK HERE.
Food recommendationThe layout of this book is fabulous.  A Paleo checklist?  Simple and easy to understand facts are all over this book.  It’s fun to look at and I read the information cover to cover in one sitting (not including the recipes- I’m not superwoman).  There is a super helpful section in The Paleo Kitchen about Eating Out Paleo Style.  Yes, THANK YOU to the authors for this helpful section!
But HOUSTON we HAD a problem.  I asked my husband to pick one recipe for us to try.  I always bake and cook from a book I’m reviewing and it’s usually a simple process.  We couldn’t decide WHICH to make?  WHY?  For the first time, there were tons of GREAT doable choices for us.  We were stuck.  I sent my husband to the store for the few items we didn’t have for his dinner selection- drumroll please!
Mongolian Beef over Cauliflower Rice.
I set about cooking.  Let my photos tell the story….

recipe pagecut up vegrice

I was more than skeptical about Cauliflower Rice.   However, I’ve been wanting to get rid of rice in my life so badly and I LOVE cauliflower mash.  How bad could the “rice” be?  I tasted it to test the seasoning and yes, it was delicious!
sauceonionssauce and onions I should mention that I super LOVE to cook…. but I’m a busy Mom and don’t want to be a slave in the kitchen.
This recipe was easy.  I could do it again and after a few tries, I’d leave the book behind.   beef
By the time I got the beef in the pan, my mouth was watering.
beef cookingSee how amazing that looks so far?
The recipe is also “kid tested” in my house.  He ate 2 servings!

kid tested

The best way to tell if a recipe is good?  No, it isn’t simply when there are no tears in the house… look at my pan!

how do you know

I. Have. No. Leftovers!
 SUCCESS!!!  Thank you Juli and George for making our Saturday night dinner fabulous!
PS, my picky daughter had NO idea the cauliflower rice wasn’t actually rice!  We CAN do Paleo!  WOOT WOOT!

Final product

From my opinionated house, to YOURS!  Enjoy!  (Now leave me alone, there are some great desserts for me to make!)

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