Perfecting Paleo by Ashley Tudor – Book Review!

Hey folks.  Heather here again with a Paleo book review!  This book, Perfecting Paleo landed on my doorstep and started me thinking that although I’m gluten-free, perhaps The Paleo World was knocking on my door.
Literally it was, since the mailman knocked and handed me the book.
perfecting paleo
I figured with a cover like this one, how could I go wrong?  A steak?  Count me in!
I usually skim through books, find interesting chapters, and move around the book.  However, I’ve received numerous Paleo books recently, and I find the personal backgrounds interesting.  I didn’t find a personal chapter on Ashley in the book, and at first, this bothered me.  I like knowing who the writer is and what their journey and struggle was that brought them to the Paleo world.  I put that need aside and read on.  Here’s what the book promises.
• Counting calories failed me; now what?
• I eat Paleo; why am I still fat?
• How do I lose these last 5 pounds?
• How do I eliminate cravings?
• What foods will most likely make me fat?
• Which exercise is best for my body?
All True!  This book delivers what it says, and much more … but I’m NOT needing to count calories, I’m NOT fat.  I’m NOT craving too many bad things, and I eat well.  … and still, I found myself flipping the pages- fully engaged in the book.  This is a testament for the book being for everyone and not just someone struggling with weight and adjusting to a Paleo diet. In fact, perhaps the title is just perfect.  “Perfecting Paleo” can be really fine tuning what you are doing with your Paleo lifestyle.
I was shocked to find myself reading this in bed instead of a steamy novel, or let’s face it, I have kids, so children’s books frequent my nightstand as we cuddle to sleep.  I immediately gravitated to the chapter about over-exercising.  Too much can lead to fat storage?  WHAT?!  I work out almost every day, eat healthy, and get to sleep early.  What could she have to say about THAT? EEEEEK.  I read the chapter, ravenous to figure it all out.  Yup, she makes great points.  Simply put?
Your body FREAKS out when you exercise like a crazy nut and it HOLDS onto its fat stores.
It’s called SURVIVAL PEOPLE!  This makes perfect sense.  The author, Ashley Tudor may have been standing over my shoulder at the gym saying this… and I hear her loud and clear.  YES, exercise, but calm down is what I got from this.  Find what works for you.  The “momentary bump in cortisol … dissipates within an hour… and “stimulates your muscles and bones to become stronger.”  This makes perfect sense to me.  Then she states, “To your body, excess exercise is the equivalent of running from lions.”  Yes, I definitely understand.    Point taken.
Ashley dives into specific tests to help the reader.  She specifically recommends glucose testing to help all us sugar junkies get off the roller coaster, ways to track Leptin, cholesterol testing, heart rate, and so much more.
“Perfecting Paleo provides a no-nonsense guide to looking at your individual health, lifestyle, and body’s needs.”   Hey, that’s MY quote- and I mean it!
One of my favorite parts in the book is the diet plan section.  She lists realistic meals for those switching to the Paleo Diet.  Listen, don’t bug me with detailed recipes, I can figure out chicken salad… so this was great.  The whole section is wonderful.  Great ideas!
This book has me on a path to figuring out my own inflammation issues.  With her clear guidance, I feel I can get answers by asking for the appropriate tests and changing the way I’m currently eating.
Great read guys!  …. but I still want to know more about Ashley.  I’ll look her up on Facebook!   OH, I found her!  Here you go!  Check her out, and grab her book.  I’m STILL going back through it to read more!  ASHLEY TUDOR on FACEBOOK !!
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