The Slim Palate- Paleo Cookbook by Joshua Weissman

I received a copy of The Slim Palate, Paleo Cookbook by Joshua Weissman the other day, much to my pleasure!  Look out Culinary World, because Joshua Weissman has hit the scene with a hot book!
The Slim PalateThe Image on the front was enough to prompt me to flip this book open.  What I discovered shocked, surprised, and delighted me.  This is a cookbook created by a high school student?!  WHAT?!  I then read his story.  From a young age, Joshua loved to cook.  At one point, he began eating foods that didn’t create a healthy lifestyle, but instead, caused him to disconnect with his food choices and put on weight.  With his reconnection to food and cooking, he turned his life around.
He urges us to reconnect with our foods, stop looking for fad diets, and listen to our bodies.  Wise wise wise words in this introduction from a young person.
This is a well-organized book of recipes.  Sometimes recipe books overwhelm me, but not this one.  I can find what I need easily and I’m inspired to try new things.   So in short, I LOVE it!  Check out these coconut macaroons I made using his recipe!  This is before baking.

Macaroon on pan

See how delicious they look already?


Now after… macaroon cooking
So good!  macaroon cooked
 I’d show you the chocolate dipped ones, but we ate them so fast… they’re gone gone gone!
Enjoy this book!  *****5 stars*****

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Love from my house to yours!

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