The Paleo Approach by Dr. Sarah Ballantyne- BOOK REVIEW!

Every once in a while a great book comes along.  Here’s one of those amazing books!  The Paleo Approach:  Reverse Autoimmune DIsease and Heal Your Body by Sarah Ballantyne, PhD.    She is a fabulous scientist turned stay-at-home mom.  Click on the title to find it on amazon!  the paleo approach book

This is the most comprehensive, helpful, and dare I say, enjoyable guide to healing your body in the face of autoimmune disease.  I received this book and nearly fell over- literally- it’s HUGE!  This is not a glance through it and toss it to the side book.  This book is a textbook that is essential to a variety of consumers and professionals.  Chances are, you may be one of those people who will enjoy the information and you may also need to make changes in your diet and lifestyle.  To know for sure, take a chance and buy this one because I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed.  The point of my blog isn’t to sell you this book though, just to express how impressed I am!

Let’s start from the beginning.  PALEO.  We are gluten free in our house, but not Paleo- there is quite a difference.  The Paleo diet is a whole-foods based diet, so don’t get hung up on people saying you have to eat like a caveman.  That’s just silly talk.  The idea is to eat foods that are high quality fruits, nuts, seeds, eggs, fish, and meats.  By following the food guides in this book, you may no longer require treatment for illnesses or autoimmune diseases that plague you.  Sounds good right?  Yes!  (and I’m saying MAY no longer require as a disclaimer- I believe with all my heart that you will feel better- and Sarah, is a testament to that fact since she struggled with autoimmune disease). Sarah headshot

It is impossible in one blog post to tell you everything this book offers, but I’ll give you some of what struck me.  I never understood leaky gut. Not only does she explain this, but she also shows you images to help you fully understand.  I love this!  leaky gutAn informative book with colorful and easy illustrations?  I feel like a kid in a candy store of information!  You may not be able to read all the details on the image here, but trust me, you will benefit from reading this one closely.  When I arrived at her chapter on Foods that Cause a Leaky Gut and Gut Dysbiosis I clapped- YES YES YES, feed me more info!  I needed to read this carefully and definitely have changes to make in our house.

I hate to keep saying, “Sarah says this and Sarah says that….” but I must. She is a well-qualified professional with a doctorate degree in medical biophysics- earned by the age 26!  She performed extensive medical research on the topics of epithelial cell biology, innate immunity, gene therapy, inflammation, and critical care medicine.  Certainly makes me stand up and pay attention.   (How she managed to get this book done in 15 months is beyond me!  Impressive!) Watch her video HERE as she opens her book freshly printed out of the box!  Click on her video to see it!  Such a genuine and amazing woman!

Here is a TOUR of the book too!  Click here! 

I’ve been following her Facebook page and blog for a long time.  Look here for The Paleo Mom on Facebook and The Paleo Mom Blog.  I religiously follow her and cook her recipes.  They are delicious!  I even used her cupcake recipe in my own book, Free To Be… Gluten-free because no other recipe tasted so delicious (and also because my darn illustrator drew such a cute cupcake and my publisher needed me to include a recipe).

Back to the book- As Sarah says, “…we are well fed and undernourished” here in the Western World.  Can you argue with that?!  I doubt it!  Page 69 of her book shows an interesting chart detailing how nutrient-poor the Western Diet is and it’s not surprising.  No wonder we are choking down vitamins and sadly watching our loved ones suffer from all kinds of degenerative and autoimmune-based diseases!  The amount of inflammatory fast foods out there, and so-called healthy foods available that also cause inflammation and disease in the body are mind boggling.  Perhaps it’s time we all sit down and read Sarah’s detailed book and make some changes!

Let me go over a few other topics quickly here so you can see why you MUST read this book…

How to Avoid Wheat/gluten, How to Avoid Corn (we have a corn sensitivity here so I LOVE this chart on page 100!), lifestyle factors that contribute to Autoimmune disease (this chapter in particular makes me want to rename the book, “The Holistic Paleo Approach.”  She leaves NO STONE unturned!).  The entire second half of the book details THE CURE!  YES, you CAN work on this and she makes it EASY for you to understand first why and how your body is the way it is, and what you can eat, and how you can live and feel 100% better!  In this second half, she covers food allergies and intolerances with impressive detail.  Lastly, look at page 345 and the charts she has available to help the reader through The Paleo Appraoch.

Here’s an image from the back of the book!  My husband, a local chiropractor is already recommending this book to his patients!

back of book

I am still overwhelmed with the vast information in The Paleo Approach book.  This is an essential guide for everyone wanting to look at how they are eating and to connect it to how they feel!    Relax- meditate, de-stress, and enjoy this book!  I still am!

Lastly…. guess what’s coming?!!!  The companion cookbook!  Check it out here and pre-order!  The Paleo Approach cookbook will be out in the Spring 2014! cookbook image







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