The Black Suitcase- By Shannon Cervone (Mom’s Choice Award Winning Book!)

I reached into my nightstand last night for a bedtime book.  I grabbed Shannon Cervone’s The Black Suitcase.  My daughter screeched, “YEEEEEAAAAHHHHHH!”  Now THAT is the reaction you want when you choose a book at bedtime, right?  I sat back and read her the book.  My son stopped reading his own book and came over- completely drawn in by the colorful illustrations (By Alessandro Vene) and story.  blacksuitcase2
Here’s a summary of this Mom’s Choice Award Winning book as written by Turn The Page Publishing.  Meet Eddie — a perceptive, animated little boy whose Dad doesn’t realize the impact his frequent business trips have on his son. When Eddie hides The Black Suitcase, the family learns the importance of staying connected, even when they have to be apart. Eddie learns about responsibility and geography with a fun activity, while Dad learns and understands the importance of communication.
I don’t travel, and my husband doesn’t either, so you might think this book doesn’t apply to our family and therefore, is a waste of reading time. Not so my friends.  I leave for a full day for book events and my husband leaves for full days golfing and seminars overnight.  This book DOES apply to my children because to THEM, that day, is a long time- like Eddie in the book!  When they go to school, giving each other notes and using the strategies from the book, create comfort and confidence in my children.  I also use the book to help with separation from my son’s grandparents, living across the country.  This book helps us stay connected and if you or your family has a traveling family member or family far away, it’s truly an essential book for your library.  Don’t take MY word for it, check it out!  
My daughter is 4 and my son is 7.  I recommend this book for ages 3-9 because my daughter loves the illustrations and the sweet story and my son loved every minute of the book.  His favorite part?  The silly illustration with Eddie in his Dad’s clothing, showing the special note in the pocket.  It’s so cute!inside black suitcase
My son’s second favorite part?  The map on the back!  Hello– how cute is this book?!  My son is obsessed with where his Nan and Gramps live, where his Aunt Wendy flies to when she comes and goes, and where our other relatives reside.  Just like Eddie, my son wants a map for his room so he can choose where he wants to go in the future.
back of black suitcase
I love that Shannon Cervone writes tips for staying connected at the back of the book.  She truly thought of it all in this Mom’s Choice Award winning book, The Black Suitcase!
Wearing her heart on her sleeve, Shannon Cervone is donating a portion of her proceeds from her book sales for the charity Rosepetals Hospice, a not for profit organization helping families with children facing catastrophic illness.

***** I give this book 5 stars! *****

From my nightstand to yours… Heather

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