Gabi Babaroni On Broadway- Releases this week- October 5, 2013!

Gabi Babaroni on Broadway releases this week and I’m excited as all heck!  Can you tell?  See my video here!

Gabi Babaroni takes to the stage in her debut book.  Get a true-life look at the Broadway theater through the eyes of a child.  This child happens to be ME- many a years ago!  As a child, I started voice lesson at a young age, performed in shows, and some were on Broadway.  This set the tone for an adventurous and unusual childhood.

Just like in Gabi Babaroni’s first book, I also messed up my steps on Broadway.  After all, nobody is perfect.  Gabi Babaroni learns a lesson and shares it with the world in this book.

Take your bow, Gabi!  GREAT PERFORMANCE!

Take your bow, Gabi! GREAT PERFORMANCE!

Alessandro Vene brings Gabi to life in the most amazing way with his full color illustrations and adorable facial features.  Together, we bring you… drumroll please… GABI!  From my heart, to yours!

Enjoy!  Order here!  



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