Note to Self – By Alison Nancye- Here’s My Opinion!

Note to Self… By Alison Nancye
Note To SelfOpinions.  Everyone has them, right?  If you are reading this, then you are curious about mine- perhaps?  I picked up Alison Nancye’s book, “Note To Self” this summer and slipped it into my beach bag on my way to the gym.  Heck, I’d give it a read.
I couldn’t resist this author’s flowing Australian accent the day I bought the book at Barnes & Noble.  Her book didn’t disappoint.  In fact, I LOVED IT!
Here’s a quick blurb about the book.  When Beth Matthews finally cracks on a Sydney street and a voice inside her exploding mind tells her to go to Peru, she does what any single 39-year-old woman who hates her life would do … she listens. After all, life couldn’t get any worse. Part Eat Pray Love, part O Magazine, Note to Self is a story about one woman who finds herself, just when she thought she was lost.  (From the website of Turn the Page Publishing).
This book is one of the few that had me flipping down the corner of the pages to save the comment for my own journal later.  There are at least 6 pages with flipped corners.  This novel became a notebook of my own for ideas to ponder and thoughts to consider, as well as goals to achieve.
My favorite, “Don’t waste time worrying about he moments that haven’t happened, because you may just miss the moments that do.”  What a fantastic reminder!
I had no idea these great tidbits of advice would find me in this book.  I didn’t realize the structure of the book interwove these “Note to self” moments that the main character Beth experienced.  I loved that surprise!
Alison Nancye bravely lets it all hang out for the world as her character experiences the most amazing journey (I won’t spoil the hot details for you- oops, did I say too much?).  Can’t wait for a movie or book 2!  I’m in – with both feet!  (I’m sure there is a “Note to Self” quote for that one! Grab the book and find it!).  Want another push to grab this book?  Watch this —>>CLICK ME for Book Trailer for Note to Self


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