Sent From Above ~ By Heather Spergel ~

She reached for me in the night

My heart was filled with such delight.

The most beautiful face I’ve ever seen

She’s a child I love so much I mean.

So thankful to hold her near

Her need and love is just so dear.

Her tiny sighs and peaceful noises

Sweet little cuddles and tiny voices.

There may be nights when she needs me more

And sleep I’ll not find, not even a snore.

How could I love you more I think

From your sweet smell I’ll always drink.

Your silky tresses fall upon my cheek

My love for you is a secret I’d leak.

I hope you forever let me hold you

Help you, love you, and be a friend too

For now, cuddle in close my love

For you are clearly sent from above.

~Heather Spergel 2011

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