Cloud City
Cloud City: A Child’s Journey Through Bereavement
Illustrated by Georgia Stylou
Part imagination and part from the reports of a heavenly connected child, this book provides comfort for anyone healing from or preparing for a loss.  A child wonders what happens after a family member dies.  While pondering this mystery, an innocent butterfly lands on the boy’s knee.  What happens next will enthrall children everywhere, as the boy begins a journey that not only answers his questions, but also provides a deep comfort during a sad time in his life.  (A portion of the proceeds from this book will support The National Brain Tumor Society).  (Ages 4 to adult).  Winner of the Gelett Burgess Award 2013!  Gold level winner of Mom’s Choice Awards 2013  MCA_Gold_Label_2in_72dpi_Web copy


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Free To Be Gluten Free
Free To Be…Gluten-Free!
Illustrated by Anita Martino


Gluten intolerance and food allergies seen through the eyes of a child in Free To Be… Gluten-Free!  Symptoms of Celiac Disease and Gluten Intolerance can be troubling and confusing.  Written by a Mom who walked this path with herself and her children, this book is sure to provide information, comfort, and laughs to children of all ages with gentle rhymes and hand-drawn illustrations.  From illness to wellness, a young boy discovers that his foods are making him ill, but by pushing away a persistent and persnickety gluten monster and the gluten-filled foods he represents, he feels amazing!  Gluten-free tips and recipes for the whole family included!  (Ages 3 to 12).  Mom’s Choice Silver Award Winning book 2013! 

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Gabi Babaroni
Gabi Babaroni on Broadway
Illustrated by Allesandro Vene
Spunky Gabi Babaroni preps for her big Broadway debut in book one of the Gabi Babaroni Series.  From makeup to wigs, to dressing in her costume, to warming up her voice, Gabi shows inner strength to step onto the big stage and perform.  Excitement fills the air as she prepares backstage. What will it be like for her to skip onto the stage and sing her heart out?  Follow Gabi through her performances on both stage and screen, with a behind-the-scenes look at Broadway stage and commercials from real life experiences of author, Heather Spergel. (Ages 3 to 8).
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NiNi Spergelini Guitar-ific!
NiNi Spergelini: Guitar-Ific!
Illustrated by Brian Perla
Introducing the first book of the NiNi Spergelini series.  One his way to school, NiNi Spergelini spies a guitar in the music store window and swirls into a rockin’ cool fantasy adventure.  With his favorite cat, Picaboo, NiNi performs onstage in front of thousands of people!  After this ROCKerific event, NiNi can’t help but wonder—will this magical guitar be his?  A favorite book for children who love to star in their own shows! (Ages 3 to 8).

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How Many Feet in the Bed?
Illustrated by Anita Martino
With gentle rhymes and simple counting, follow this family as they journey from bed time with children too excited to sleep, cats wanting to curl in and sleep, and parents all finally cuddling in for a peaceful family night filled with love and dreams.  Many parents can relate to the pitter-patter of little feet coming into their room at night, and other families choose to fall asleep together.  This sweet book brings humor to the reality of the family bed. Hand drawn illustrations bring this family to life! (Ages birth to 7).

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